McClendon Notes

I am excited about the things that God has in store for your life. God wants to do some miraculous and inspirational things for you and your family, and the Manoah McClendon Ministries is thrilled about the things God will unfold and manifest for you.

I am dedicated to inspiring and providing Gods people with prophetic messages of success, wealth, healing faith, and the proclamations of Jesus Christ.

God has given me the ability to distinctively transcend tradition in his delivery of the Gospel through the widening of Spiritual parameters in order to reach the nations.

My passion is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and offering encouragement of salvation to individuals within and beyond the ministries immediate reach.

I am focused on reclaiming the territory of the Kingdom through life changing and mind shifting concepts and powerful revelations. The dedication and commitment exemplified in this ministry consists of paradigm shifts that will transform your life and your spiritual walk with Christ.

God can and will substantially advance you forward, towards the kingdoms mission and promises that is set forth for your life.

Thank you and God Bless You!